5 Top Tips For Buying a Bespoke Engagement Ring

The authoritative dos and don'ts of buying an engagement ring

Not so long ago, buying an engagement ring was a straightforward process of picking a ready-made piece off the rack or selecting a precious metal and a diamond and having it set into a pre-fabricated ring casing. These days, though many retailers offer this quick and speedy service, the sheer variety of available design choices can create confusion and hesitation for the customer. Out of frustration, the same customer can end up purchasing a ring that they aren’t entirely happy with or end up spending far more than they hoped for.

Whilst engagement ring shopping may seem like an overwhelming task, we promise that when done right, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process but an enjoyable and memorable experience instead.

Here are our five tips to help you, as a couple, purchase a bespoke engagement ring.

1. “Go Big or Go Home” Shouldn’t Be the Mantra

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Firstly, don’t get carried away with what diamonds others (friends, family, celebrities etc…) own and get fixated on a particular carat weight. You don’t need a 3-carat ‘D flawless’ stone to achieve a beautiful ring.

We suggest going with your gut instinct (and your budget) and by the vibes the stone radiates back to you. Does it ‘speak’ to you? Is it something you won’t tire of in the long run? An engagement ring represents a truly special moment - a bond between you and your partner - and is intended to last a lifetime.

The overall cut (brilliance) and grade (colour and clarity) of the stone is also important, as you want your diamond to retain its sparkle and value over the years. 

When you work with a bespoke jeweller and wholesaler (such as Facets), you have the opportunity to see a range of diamonds in various shapes and sizes so that you don’t have to go with the first one you see. Consider the characteristics that are important to you, then select the stone you are most drawn to, always keeping in view your budget and the look of the ring desired. 

2. Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Trends


An engagement ring should be an extension of your personal style and a timeless symbol of your union, so don’t get caught up in having to follow the latest trend(s) you may have seen on Instagram. Things to consider are: what is your lifestyle like? Will you wear it on a daily basis? Do you prefer a minimal or statement look? Yellow, rose or white gold? As long as the ring makes the two of you say "wow" and it's a design that you love, it doesn't really matter if it isn't a "ring of the moment".
For some inspiration, read our blog on the 10 Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings.

3. Tell Your Story

Lately there is so much of sameness in ring design, that it is only natural for the discerning you to yearn for something different - something that reflects your personality. 

The best thing about creating a bespoke ring is that it gives a chance to tell your story, reflect the style of the wearer and be a symbol of your relationship. Of course there’s always the added bonus of having a ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece and making it uniquely yours.

Think about how your relationship began and how it has evolved, and if you would like to include any meaningful design elements to your piece – e.g. incorporate your birth stones (or other gemstones) in the design or even engrave a handwritten message (we once had a client who chose to include the coordinates of the location of their first date which was rather special).

While we understand that it is more convenient to buy a ring off the shelf, there is also not much fun and meaning doing it that way. Someone created that ring, you happened to pass by and you just said "yes".

While the word 'bespoke' may overwhelm one into thinking it means "designing and building my own" and may also suggest "pricey", this isn’t necessarily true. As a specialist bespoke jeweller, we will discuss your requirements in great detail and address all your concerns from the initial meetings so as to ensure that our collaboration in creating your dream ring will be a smooth start-to-finish process.

Choosing the bespoke route also means that you can mix and match your favourite design elements and go as granular as you would wish to achieve your desired outcome. 

Go on, tell your unique story and have fun on your bespoke journey with us!

4. Don't Go It Alone


And if you’re still thinking, "is this going to be a daunting task?", you can always call upon a friend or relative for their trusted opinion or seek recommendations from someone who may have already been through the ring shopping process. Having access to that insight or advice can certainly help overcome any hesitation you may be feeling.

There is also the added benefit of working with a bespoke jeweller who is all about high standards of service and dedicated to creating the perfect ring for you. 

5. Spend Within Your Means

Diamonds come in an infinite range of sizes, qualities and therefore prices. There is a diamond to suit every budget and we firmly believe it should never be about the price but rather the 'value'. An engagement ring symbolizes your love and commitment to each other which is...priceless!

Don’t spend more than you need to or be swayed by flashy window displays and glib tongued salespersons. You can always create a stunning piece within your budget and as reputed bespoke jewellers, we always do our best to work within your budget.

Something to Help Plan Your Budget

With that said, you may still have no idea what diamonds cost or how to budget for a bespoke engagement ring - so we have put together a costing guideline for you. For the sake of simplicity, we speak only about round brilliants, GIA certified, excellent cut within the 'sweet spot' grades of F/G VVS2-VS2.

Here is what you should budget for an engagement ring split into two cost components - the indicative price range of the loose diamond and the approximate cost for the ring making in 18K yellow or white gold.

Diamond Size (carats) Diamond Piece Price ($) Ring Making Charges ($)
0.50-0.60 $3000-3800 $1300-2000
0.70-0.90 $5000-8000 $1500-2300
1.00-1.50 $12000-20000 $1800-2800

As is evident, the price for the unset loose diamond and ring making approximates the 80:20 proportion and can vary between a 70:30 ratio for the half carat size and move up to a 90:10 ratio for the carat and above sizes. These are very rough estimates to serve only as a guide for budget allocation. The absolute values and ratios can and will change with changing market conditions.

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